The hall is located on the 3rd floor (with Elevator). Room is made in Japanese style, quiet, bright wall decor, high ceilings, panoramic Windows, a moderate light – a true oasis of calm and comfort in the bustling metropolis.

In the interior there is absolutely nothing superfluous. Multifunctional hall. Allows as wedding banquets with European style Seating and negotiations.

Hall may be divided into several zones through the use of special screens. The convenient location of the hall would allow its use as a Supplement to the "Triumphal" hall for meeting guests.

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Other restaurants
x 60

Room restaurant is located on the second floor of the hotel. The ambience is elegant and done in pastel colours and frescos on the pillars give the room an atmosphere of aristocracy.

Triumphal hall
x 120

The triumphal hall is located on the 3rd floor (with Elevator). Bright and unusually spacious hall from the first minute creates the impression of a festive atmosphere.

Timiryazevskyi hall
x 15

Bright, stylish and modern space. Its interior is perfect for weddings, birthdays, gala dinner in a narrow circle of friends and relatives.